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SUP Surf Paddling Technique For Rhythm and Flow

Many people want to become better at paddle surfing and focus mostly on what they are doing on the wave. However, one of the best ways to become a better stand up paddle surfer is by improving your sup paddling technique. This stand up...

Reach Further For Better SUP Technique

Stand up paddle stroke technique is one of the most important aspects of being a well rounded sup surfer. Many sup surfers think that their improvement will come from what they actually do ON the wave. This is not true! 95% of our paddle...

Catch Better Waves and Have More Fun While SUP Surfing!

Many sup surfers think that the way to improve their stand up paddle surfing is by getting better at what they do 'on the wave'. However, we have found that the most significant sup surfing improvement can come from...

Dreamy SUP Surf Morning

It's not everyday that we get perfect glassy sup surf conditions at this spot. However, during a camp in April the tide, swell, and wind aligned for our paddle surfing guests. As you can see from the video, this is a special sup surfing...

One SUP Surf Session with Colin and Coach Chase

We had the pleasure of hosting world longboard champ and pro sup surfer, Colin McPhillips this past spring. Colin has been an inspirational sup surfer for us here at Blue Zone SUP. His positive attitude and laid back style...

How to Paddle Out on Your SUP Surf Board

Paddling out through the surf on a sup surf board is one of the hardest parts of sup surfing. Paddling out becomes especially difficult when the waves get bigger. Use the techniques in this video and listed below to learn how to paddle out...

Popping Up on Your SUP Surf Board

Standing up on your sup surf board can be a unique challenge, especially as you move to increasingly smaller boards. This video breaks down how to most efficiently stand up on your paddle surf board regardless of it's size. However, if...

How to SUP Surf Backside

Backside paddle surfing is often neglected by sup surfers at the beginning to intermediate stages of the learning process. However, if you can deliberately practice...

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