Many sup surfers think that the way to improve their stand up paddle surfing is by getting better at what they do ‘on the wave’. However, we have found that the most significant sup surfing improvement can come from what you do before you’re actually on the wave.

Stand up paddle techniques like refining your paddle stroke, turning fast and effectively and using your hips for power will make nearly all levels of paddle surfers better.

If you can catch waves in a better position then you’ll likely be on better waves to practice your actual sup surfing progression. You’ll also catch more waves! The way you can get to better waves is through paddling efficiently to catch the wave. The ability to paddle efficiently comes from good stand up paddle stroke technique.

One of the keys to good sup surfing stroke technique is engaging your hips for power.

Watch the video above to learn how to use your hips when stand up paddle surfing. Using your hips will allow you to produce more power, prevent injury and sup surf longer!

Who doesn’t want that?