Stand up paddle stroke technique is one of the most important aspects of being a well rounded sup surfer. Many sup surfers think that their improvement will come from what they actually do ON the wave.

This is not true!

95% of our paddle surfing guests would see the biggest improvement in their sup surfing by improving their fundamental stand up paddle stroke technique. It may come as a surprise to many sup surfers to realize this.

How do you get better at sup surfing? You learn, practice and repeat. If you are smart you’ll get professional coaching in addition to reading and watching videos.

Another key to sup surf improvement is to get into the surf and catch waves! Wave = reps of practice. Practice makes a better sup surfer.

However, if you’re not catching many waves, it’s hard to get reps to improve!

So… need to work on reading the waves and the technical skills to get to the right spot and paddle for the wave. Getting to the right spot and paddling hard enough is all about stand up paddle stroke technique!

Now you see where we’re going here? Back to the fundamentals. Improving your sup stroke technique will allow you to paddle faster and stronger to get to the right spot to catch the wave and to get reps to become a better sup surfer!

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