The Point – A Right Pointbreak from Playful to Scary

On days that its working, which is about 30% of the time, we prefer to surf the point. At waist high it’s a playful A-frame with little risk. At head high the right stretches out and you’ll get 3 to 6 turns per wave. An then at overhead we’ve got a wave that will get your blood pumping!

Playa Guiones – Central America’s Most Consistent Wave

The great thing about being located Nosara, Costa Rica is that Playa Guiones is a 4 minute walk from our facility. Playa Guiones has over 330 rideable days of surf a year. It’s famous as a beginner surf break, compared to Waikiki or Trestles for it’s forgiving nature. It can hold any size you can get out in, and when the rest of Costa Rica is small, surfers travel hours to come surf Playa Guiones.

The Cove – An Isolated Hidden Beachbreak

We can’t say much about it, but if you’re lucky things will line up and we’ll get to surf The Cove. It’s mostly a right, but the left can be all-time.

The Peak – Fast Barrels and Playful Lines

Not for beginners, but Level 3 and up surfers will love The Peak (name changed to protect the innocent). We filmed 3 sessions for the Progression Project here, and it was a favorite of the crew. A short paddle-out and epic scenery make this wave a personal favorite.

*** Better for smaller groups and better surfers ***

Playa Avellanes – Costa Rica Perfection

With 3 different waves in one long stretch of Coast, Avellanas offers a beach break, a river mouth and a beautiful reef break. It can handle any size swell and it’s a trip favorite!

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