How We Coach SUP Surfing

At Blue Zone SUP we’ve spent nearly a decade
SUP surfing and SUP racing at the highest levels while learning from the best

athletes in the sport. We have an extensive video library of paddle surfing and paddle racing that we’ve studied to help break

down all aspects of paddling. From this we’ve created a detailed coaching program for each SUP surfing skill, maneuver and

paddling technique. Foot position, paddle position, posture, wave approach and paddling technique are a few of the important

skills we break down and coach our camper’s through. Applying our formula of progressive SUP surf coaching, you will improve

faster and have more fun than learning on your own, or anywhere else.


Meet Your Coach




Josu Oyarzabal

Josu Oyarzabal

Head Coach and Ambassador of Stoke

Josu grew up visiting and surfing the shores of Uruguay where he developed a deep love for the ocean. This love inspired a spirit of travel through Mexico in search of the perfect wave. Eventually his search led him south where he found that perfect wave in Nosara, Costa Rica. Josu began surf coaching in 2010 and soon developed a love for sup surfing.  Josu’s surfing skills, patience and calm demeanor make him an ideal coach and ally for our guest’s sup surfing progression.  

Chase Kosterlitz

Chase Kosterlitz

Blue Zone SUP Head of Operations and Coconut Water Hydrator

Chase grew up a dedicated basketball player, competing at a collegiate level before moving on to a life on the water. For 7 years he competed professionally as an internationally sponsored SUP racer. With over 15 years of experience coaching basketball, kitesurfing and SUP racing, Chase understands the importance of a good coach and emphasizes this with the formation of the Blue Zone SUP team. Chase oversees all Blue Zone SUP operations including, training the Blue Zone coaching team, coordinating retreat logistics, video analysis and much more.  


Watch Blue Zone Coaching In Action