Many people want to become better at paddle surfing and focus mostly on what they are doing on the wave. However, one of the best ways to become a better stand up paddle surfer is by improving your sup paddling technique.

This stand up paddle tutorial video focuses on the sup technique necessary to paddle with more rhythm. This video is a part of our SUP Technique 101 series that will help you become a better all around stand up paddle and therefore, a better sup surfer.

The act of stand up paddling is all about efficiency and technique. If you are paddling in jerky motions, without flow and rhythm, you will be using more energy than needed. Flowing, rhythmic stand up paddling will help you conserve energy, paddle more efficiently and therefore catch move waves!

During the course of a sup surf session, you will be paddling hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. If each of these strokes is not efficient, then you will fatigue faster, be more susceptible to injury, and paddle slower. This all translates to a shorter sup surf session with few waves surfed.

See! Stand up paddling technique can and will make you a better sup surfer! Watch this video, and our entire SUP Technique 101 series, to improve your stand up paddling technique and your sup surfing.