Backside paddle surfing is often neglected by sup surfers at the beginning to intermediate stages of the learning process. However, if you can deliberately practice going backside early in the learning process, it will pay dividends further down the road.

Just think, you can double your wave count potential by sup surfing on your backside!

In the beginning it will feel extremely uncomfortable to sup surf on your backside. With a little persistence you’ll be confidently going backside in no time. Use the sup surfing tips in the video above and set yourself up for successful backside paddle surfing.

In this sup surfing tutorial video you’ll learn:

  • How to switch your paddle to assist your backside sup surfing.
  • Where to place your feet to keep your sup surf board balanced and most effectively surf backside.
  • Hip alignment to the wave.
  • How to execute backside sup surf turns.
  • And much more!