Paddling out through the surf on a sup surf board is one of the hardest parts of sup surfing. Paddling out becomes especially difficult when the waves get bigger.

Use the techniques in this video and listed below to learn how to paddle out by working smarter, not harder.

However, don’t be fooled! Paddling out on a sup surf board takes effort!

Many sup surfers can benefit from higher cardio endurance and simply being in better physical shape. While you should use the tips in this video, remember that no amount of paddling out strategy can compensate for being able to paddle hard at the right times.

Watch the video above to learn these key points:

  • Assessing the way the waves are breaking and timing before entering the water.
  • Walking out with your stand up paddle surf board through the whitewater.
  • Standing on your board and using the J-stroke to begin paddling out.
  • Getting your stand up paddle surf board up and over whitewater.
  • Using the sup surf board ‘kick’ to get your board over larger whitewater sections.
  • Prone paddling your sup surf board.
  • And much more!